November 9, 2015

End of the year

Hi guys,
It's been a long time since the last i wrote something to you.
There are no more events for this year and it's the time to train hard for the upcoming year, but first i want you to know about the results i got in the last competitions.
In the last months i travelled around Europe to follow the Pwa and Efpt tour. I've been in Sylt, Germany, for the last pea event of the year, where unlucky we didn't compete due to the absence of wind. After that i moved to Holland, in Brouwersdam, for and efpt event, where i finished 17th.
The last efpt event of the year took place in France, in Sic Four. I managed to finished in the top 10, as i got a 9th place. I'm happy about my year, i also qualified 12 in the final efpt ranking. I'm looking forward for Cape Town, i'll spend there the next 4 months to train for the next year.

May 6, 2015

PWA France, Leucate

Hi guys,
After many years of training i finally got my first wildcard. For this year the first pwa event took place in Leucate, France. It has been an amazing event, with kitesurf, paddle competitions and many other thinks. This year the level is really high, but be there and see the top of the freestyle it's really motivating and give me the power and the energy to go on and try to improve even more. We had good days of wind and we completed one single and one double elimination. To be honost i'm not happy about my sailing, i could't sail as i wanted, but it's ok, i still have to improve a lot and specially i have to take the feeling with the "heat sailing", that is much different from freesailing. Now i still studying in Sardinia, this is my last year of high school, in June everythink should be finish. Till june i'll compete in Italian championship, about then i'm still planning it, but for sure some competitions.

EFPT 2014 Six Four

Hi guys,
The last time that i wrote something here is more then one year ago, but now i want to restart to post news, videos and media about me here.
In this little article i'll talk you about my first event in european tour. It took place in France, in Six Four at the end on october.
It was a really nice organized event, full of people and good riders.
Unlucky we couldn't even start the single elimination due to wind, but we had some tow event shows and one competition too. To be honest i don't really like tow-in, but for sure it's better to stay all the event at the beach without doing something. Here some photos from the event and an article about me and my first competition there in EFPT website :

November 15, 2013

Some action from Sardinia !

Hi everybody !
I post some new photos, that i make in different spot of Sant'Antioco island: Sa Barra, Le saline, is prunis , il maresciallo ..

IFCA european championship @croatia

Hi guys, 
Last month i was in Croatia for IFCA european championship in youth categories( U20 ).
We was something like 20 guys, from all world.
We was 6 italian guys: me, Giovanni Passani( the winner of U20) , Nicolo Tagliafico ( winner of U15) , Francesco Cappuzzo, Alice Casula, Nicole Bandini.

The livel is high, we saw nice competition. I finished 5, it's not bad, i passed 3 heats in yhe double against Michial De Cooman ( the winner of U17 categorie ), Kostya Smirnoff from Egypt and David Schiebel from Belgio. 
See you soon !! 

October 2, 2013


Hi guys!
Long time ! This summer i didn't write on the website, i only thinked to surf !
Now i'm in Sardinia, Sant'antioco, my home. I decided to study here for 1 year, to train all the year, also in the winter time ! I live with my best friend, Giovanni Passani.
This is the video about this my new life !


May 5, 2013

BIG DREAM - my new movie

Ciao a tutti !
Di seguito il link del mio nuovo video che ho fatto con qualche ripresa girata in Sardegna durante la mia ultima uscita prima di rompermi il timpano.
A presto !


Hi guys!
Here is the link of my new video i made with some footage shot in Sardinia during my last session before i broke my eardrum.
See you soon!


April 24, 2013

Dopo una lunga pausa ...

Ciao a tutti ! E' parecchio che non scrivo un post!
L'ultima uscita risale ad un mese fa, e proprio in quell'uscita ho preso una brutta botta rompendomi il timpano. Fra antibiotici e cure varie ora sono quasi pronto a rientrare in acqua. Riprendere presto ad allenarmi come si deve, dentro e fuori dall'acqua per arrivare pronto ai campionati italiani che saranno i primi di giugno. Nel frattempo posto un piccolo video di una manovra filmata durante l'ultima uscita nella mia amata Sabarra !


March 2, 2013

Test stylepro 99 @windcam

Ciao a tutti . Ecco il test che ho fatto sulla nuova tavola da freestyle della 99 su .
-photo by Emanuela Cauli-